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75th Anniversary of Scouting

Restoration of Borobudur Temple (I-282) 

President Soeharto  (I-283) 

President Soeharto (I-284) 

7th International Liquified Natural Gas Conf.  (I-285) 

World Communication Year '83 (I-286) 

13th National Qur'an Reading Contest (I-287) 



Total Solar Eclipse (I-288) 

Palapa B Communication Satellite (I-289) 

Fight Againts Cancer (I-290) 

Agriculture Census (I-291) 

Indonesia - Pakistan Joint Issue (I-292) 

Centenary of Krakatau Eruption (I-293) 

Indonesian Aircraft (CN-235)  (I-294) 

President Soeharto  (I-295) 

Tropical Fishes  (I-296) 

Birds of Paradise  (I-297) 

Inalienable Right of the Palestinian People  (I-298)